Almost Real 1:18

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AMG G 63 1:18 Diecast Cars by Almost Real

Size of Diecast Car

What’s the size of a 1:18 Diecast Car?

Typically most diecast cars in scale 1:18 are around 11 inches (280mm) in length and 5 inches (130mm) in width. Please keep in mind that each diecast car is based on the real 1:1 car, this means the size will always vary from model to model.

Resin cars versus Almost Real’s diecast cars

One main difference between Almost Real models compared to most other car model manufactures is that their models are made of resin and not metal. This gives Almost Real models significant weight and an authentic feel. Another added benefit to using metal, is that these models are less fragile and flimsy than their resin counterparts. Almost Real models deliver quality miniatures that won’t disappoint.