AutoArt produces some of the highest quality model cars in scale 1/18. The famous diecast brand has been around since 1998 and has today produced over 2,000 different models mostly in scale 1/18. Today most of Autoart’s model cars use of high-quality composite material for the body which enables these miniature models to be extremely accurate to the real thing.

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What's the size of a 1/18 model car?

Typically most diecast cars in scale 1:18 are around 11 inches in length and about 5 inches in width. This does vary from model to model based on the real car's proportions.


Ford GT 1/18 by Autoart

The mechanical tinkering of a farm boy who didn’t want to be a farmer unwittingly ushered in the Ford Performance vehicles so prized, so uncommon, so iconic, so world-changing beginning with a quadra-cycle that had to be freed from a small shed by an axe for its trial run. A “leather belted transmission” sufficed as […]

Review: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 1/18 by AutoArt

The automobile takes on its obstacles full-on, with mind-blowing technology and a design that slices wind like a blade. The Lamborghini SVJ, to be precise. The Aventador is titled after a Spanish battling bull who battled in 1993 in Zaragoza, Aragón. The Aventador is the Murciélago’s replacement. The business produced this hypercar that is completely […]

Review: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 1/18 by AutoArt

Diecast cars are a favorite pastime; the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a 1:18 scale by AutoArt is no different. This stunning 1/18 replica of the gracious but ferocious sports coupe from Chevrolet is one for your diecast car collection. I’ve greatly admired the iconic Corvette models since they made their big screen debut in movies […]

Where are AUTOart models made?

AUTOart is a diecast car company based in Hong Kong with global distributors across the entire world.

How long has AUTOart been making diecast cars?

AUTOart has been making collectible miniature cars since the late 1990s. Previous to AUTOart, they were using the name UT Models. AUTOart grew exponentially in popularity in the early 2000s and has since then become one of the most established companies within the diecast car community.

Are AUTOart models made out of resin?

AUTOart used to make all their models using a diecast metal combination called Zamak, but in later years they’ve fully transitioned into composite models which use injection-molded ABS composite parts. One of the major advantages of this method is the level of detail it allows for.