The Silent Hero

They’re doing it right” is what we would have said about Mercedes-Benz in the 1930’s. Time and again they were dominating on the circuit and taking one victory after another. These sleek yet muscular and supremely engineered Silver Arrows embodied the pinnacle of race car design prior to World War II. But behind these magnificent machines sat the less praised, yet equally significant Mercedes-Benz transporter, the LO 2750.

© Mercedes-Benz

If the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows were the triumph on the race tracks, the Mercedes-Benz transporters symbolized their glory. These blue trucks with the lettering “Mercedes-Benz Rennabteilung (Racing Department)” were an integral supply chain component and traversed the roads of Europe safely transporting the racers from factory to Grand Prix starting lines. Like a mobile billboard, these trucks reinforced the Mercedes-Benz image of efficiency, reliability and commitment to racing throughout all of Europe. One can imagine the enthusiastic welcome these trucks received as they returned home, driving through German towns and villages, tarpaulin unfurled and the monopostos displayed in all their post race glory.

© Mercedes-Benz

Our CMC model cars deliver the very best masterpiece reproductions of the Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 historic transporter and the motoring legends that it hauled on its back.

CMC Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 Racecar Truck

Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 Racecar Truck
A pillar of efficiency that delivered the race cars to the track on time.


Mercedes-Benz W25 Fagioli #4 1935
Luigi Fagioli dominated the Monaco Grand Prix in this monoposto, crossing the finish line more than half a lap ahead of his next competitor.


Mercedes-Benz W25 Brauchitsch #20 1934
The brilliant car that claimed a sensational victory and started the Silver Arrow Legend.


Mercedes-Benz W165 1939
Powerful and swift, this shiny aluminum sportster drew the attention of the limelight as it won the Tripoli Grand Prix of 1938 in record-breaking speed.


Mercedes-Benz W125 1937 GP Donington #1
An innovative machine that pushed boundaries, exceeded expectations, and won races.


Mercedes-Benz W154 GP France
Piloted by Richard Seaman, this vehicle prepared the way for a Mercedes-Benz victory at the French Grand Prix.