Mercedes-Benz W25 Brauchitsch #20 1934 CMC 1:18


New racing rules were introduced for the 1934 season dictating that the Grand Prix vehicles must have a maximum weight of just 750 kg. A new race car had to be developed and the auto engineers had to find the perfect balance between performance and weight, or the biggest possible engine in the lightest possible chassis. On the eve of the race, the Mercedes team received the official weigh-in report and were stunned to discover that the W25 to was 1kg over the weight limit. Entering the vehicle would disqualify them from the race the following day. The Mercedes racing department was not deterred and came up with the ingenious solution to sand off the beautiful white paint. All night they toiled to remove the paint, but in the morning the W25 bared its shining aluminum body and weighed in at exactly 750 kg. Piloted by Manfred von Brauchitschunder with starting number 20, the W25 claimed a rousing victory and the Silver Arrow legend was born.

The CMC Mercedes-Benz W25 with starting number 20 commemorates this legend and the sheer willful determination and rock-solid German engineering.

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