A silent hero that deserves the highest praise

A symphony of details boasting an impressive 2,365 single parts, with 1,991 made from genuine metal.


Brass eyelets and leather straps secure the tarpaulin. The cloth cover can be folded back to reveal wood-plank supports for the tarpaulin, and a functional loading bed with room to store one of the 1930’s Silver Arrows.


Details on the underbody show the springs as well as the brake lines. Two detachable spare wheels are stored underneath the loading bed.

CMC Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 Racecar Truck


The photo-etched Mercedes-Benz Star radiator filler cap can be unscrewed.


The interior features a movable hand-brake lever, a hinged windscreen, an efficient dashboard, and leather upholstered seat benches that can be removed.

CMC Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 1934-38

Scale 1:18 CMC Model Cars

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Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 Racecar Truck CMC 1:18


In the mid to late 1930's, Mercedes-Benz was dominating the race tracks around Europe with their highly successful Silver Arrows such as the W25, W125, W154 and W165.

An integral component to their reliable supply chain and operational competence was their Mercedes-Benz transporters.The Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 was a 2.75 ton truck produced in their own factory in Gaggenau and featured a reliable 4-cylinder, 65 horsepower diesel engine. It carefully carried the Mercedes-Benz race cars to the track safe and sound and as expected, always on time. Needless to say, a highlight before and after the races was to spot the impressive Mercedes-Benz transporter and get a peak at a legendary Silver Arrow under the tarpaulin cover.

The racing scene was unimaginable without these trucks which contributed to the growing image of commitment to brand excellence. This CMC  Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 honors the memory of the original vehicles and is a handcrafted masterpiece built from noble materials such as metal, wood, textile, leather and brass. This transporter is truly an impressive model that will be the highlight of any model car collection.

Any of the pre-war Silver Arrows such as W25, W125, W154 and W165 can be stored in the truck.
Please note that the race car shown in photos is not included with the truck.