Jaguar C-Type 1952 British Racing Green CMC 1:18


Developed by Sir William Lyons in 1951 to dominate in motorsport, the “Big Cat” was all new from the famous and very successful Jaguar XK120 except for the optimized engine. To withstand the extreme pressure Le Mans put on the axels, the C-type had increased strength support to both front and rear axles as well as a stronger anti-roll bar. The result was not only a victory on June 14, 1953, but also second and fourth place finishes making the Jaguar C-type one of the most successful racing cars to enter Le Mans.

This CMC Jaguar C-type 1952 grabs your attention as soon as you spot the alluring British racing green finish and the svelte, predatory shark-like shape. Flipping up the lockable hood exposes the fantastic metal details of the famous straight six cylinder. Other openings include the fuel cap, the rear trunk which exposes an extra wheel, as well as the driver’s door which uses realistic-looking hinges. You know the car’s performance catapulted it to international fame, and as quite the looker, this elegantly fierce model will not be anything but gorgeous sitting on your shelf.

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