Ferrari D50 1956 CMC 1:18


With the tragic loss of Ascari after the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix and Lancia’s crippling financial circumstances, Lancia’s dream to stay competitive in the highest form of motorsports also dissolved. On July 26, 1955, Lancia handed over the D50 blueprints, tooling, manufacturing equipment and parts to Ferrari.

Ferrari revamped the D50 with brilliant renovations, putting it on a new victorious path. Coupled with these important improvements, the exemplary driver Juan Manuel Fangio was on the lookout for a new job and Ferrari welcomed him with open arms. Rebadged the Ferrari D50, it took the Argentine to victory and brought back the world championship title to Maranello at the end of 1955.

The CMC Ferrari D50 of 1956 is a precision miniature built with 1,379 parts, boasting of otherworldly craftsmanship and engineering.

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