Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958 Black DM124 CMC 1:18


It’s hard to think of any race car as hot-blooded, beautiful, and successful as the 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa. The car emerged as a response to a new rule imposed by the FIA to limit engine size to 3 liters in an attempt to slow top speeds. Ferrari utilized their famous and reliable Colombo V12 engine, and Sergio Scaglietti, the brilliant automobile designer and coachbuilder, was responsible for this masterpiece design of originality. The Testa Rossa was lithe, sporty, and elegant, and was especially notable for its iconic pontoon like fenders that increased the air intake to cool the brakes.

This model eclipsed its competition and elevates itself above the array of racing cars produced by the Scuderia in this era by leading Ferrari to win several Sports Car World Championships and three consecutive victories at Le Mans in 1958, ’60, and ’61. The beautiful bodywork and outstanding performance makes the 250 Testa Rossa the iconic 1950’s Ferrari benchmark.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful automotive designs of all time in 1:18 scale with the CMC Ferrari Testa Rossa DM124 in Black from 1958. This dreamy black beauty comes diligently hand-assembled from 1,640 individual parts.

Please note, as this is a discontinued model we will inspect it prior to shipping so we can ensure there are no defects or issues with the product.

The Testa Rossa DM124 is a limited edition model and production stopped in 2011. Please note that the box may have some wear and tear.

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The flamboyant shape, smooth polished finish, and incredible detail is a true great in 1:18 scale.


The interior features red leather wrapped racing seats with white contrast piping, a realistic steering wheel, readable lenses and beveled gauges, and even an electric panel with multi-colored wires beneath the dashboard.


The trunk hosts a stainless steel fuel tank with a lift-up cap, and a leather belted, strapped in spare tire.


Leather straps and buckles can be unfastened to reveal a marvelous view of the engine. Extraordinary detail is evident in the twelve-cylinder engine complete with cabling, wiring, and even the Ferrari brand name.


Open the hinged doors for amazing plumbing lines along side either side of the leather seats. The side-slung exhaust pipes are clamped with steel bands and follow through to the back in proper form. The undercarriage continues the thrill with coper wiring, articulated suspension and brakes.

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958 DM124 Black

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