Even without the exhaust harmonics, this model car is still gorgeous, desirable, and entirely thrilling.


Seats, door panels and other parts of the interior have been covered with black genuine leather.


Prop the trunk open with a self-locking support rod and find a spare tire nestled inside, held in place by leather belting.

Ferrari 250 California SWB 1961 Silver CMC Models


The undercarriage is masterfully detailed and the suspension is installed on a triangular control arm made of metal.


Wire spoked wheels, each hand mounted with a single nipple.

Ferrari 250 California SWB 1961 Silver

Scale 1:18 CMC Model Cars

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Ferrari 250 California SWB 1961 Silver CMC 1:18


If there is any car that can get the heart racing for any tifoso, it is surely the Ferrari 250 California. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cars with performance pedigree ever made. The car first debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 1960. At the time, it was considered a super car, featuring competition-ready power with a top speed of 145 mph, as well as street-sensible design suitable for sunny California weather. Imagine taking this car (top down) for a leisurely tour along the Pacific Coast Highway one day and racing it hard around the track the next! With the legendary Ferrari250 California, Ferrari created a roadster targeting the US market and the growing demand from the rich and famous in the 1960’s.

This gorgeous CMC Ferrari 250 California is made with 1,634 single parts and is a must-have for any Ferrari lover. Each car comes numbered and is part of a limited edition of 2,500 that are no longer produced.

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