An exquisite miniature that recalls the design and elegance of the 1920’s.


The driver’s seat is upholstered in real leather, and the dashboard is meticulously detailed with all the dials, gears, and controls.


The textured rubber tires are operable. A spare tire is attached to the side with genuine leather strapping and a functional buckle.

CMC Bugatti T35 England Limited Edition 1:18


Hood lifts opens to reveal the six cylinder engine with all aggregates, cabling and pipes.


Superior craftsmanship and covered in an authentic world-class paint.

Bugatti T35 England Green

Scale 1:18 CMC Models

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Bugatti T35 England Limited Edition CMC 1:18


The Bugatti Type 35 was the most successful of the Bugatti racing models, winning over 1,000 races. The cars were the epitome of French sports cars–stunningly beautiful, marvelously engineered, attractively finished, and innovative in design. Moreover, its arch-shaped radiator grill and alloy cast wheels became the signature details of the marque and even an icon of the era. During the 1920’s the Type 35 was the preferred automobile of gentleman drivers. Adventurous drivers participated with patriotic pride, painting their cars in national racing colors. England’s trademark color code was all-over dark green. The green Bugatti T35 with starting number 12 seized the championship of the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix in the hands of driver William Grover-Williams.

The CMC Bugatti T 35, England is a gorgeously replicated miniature that recalls the dynamic starting fields of the 1920’s and ’30’s with all their fanfare and brilliant, multi-colored glory.