Bugatti 57 SC Corsica Coupe 1938 CMC 1:18


Bugatti has always been synonymous with luxurious and exclusive automobiles and the 57SC Corsica Roadster of 1938 is no exception. This bespoke vehicle has a noteworthy backstory: British Colonel Godfrey Giles acquired the chassis and his brother Eric Giles and English coachbuilder Corsica collaborated to design and manufacture new bodywork. The result was one of the most celebrated of non-racing Bugatti roadsters–the coachwork was dazzling, the figure shapely, and the flowing lines dramatic. Nearly fifty years later, the car was purchased by reputable car collector, John Mozart in California. Mozart restored the vehicle and it emerged an elegant beauty with silky dark blue paint, matte silver trim, and a spectacular crocodile simulated leather upholstered interior. To no one’s surprise, in 1998 it won the Pebble Beach Car of the Show award with its magnetic and awe-inspiring presence.

Just like the original, the CMC Bugatti 57SC Corsica Roadster, 1938 is a marvel to behold. No styling or functional detail has been overlooked in the recreation of this automotive beauty in miniature form. Limited edition of only 3,000 units.

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