For discerning precision and aesthetic purity.


The cockpit is fully furnished with an authentic representation of all the dials and controls.


It’s a meticulous imitation of the original supercharged production, revealing all the pipes and cabling.


Fuel tank is centrally located to achieve greater balance. The cap lifts up for an imaginary fuel refill.


The wheels are individually assembled with textured grip for ultimate traction and spokes are crafted with fine steel wires and attached by hand.

Auto Union Type C 1937 German Hillclimb #111 Stuck

Scale 1:18 CMC Models

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Auto Union Type C 1937 German Hillclimb #111 Stuck CMC 1:18


1936 and 1937 were particularly successful years for Auto Union and a clash of the titans: Mercedes-Benz vs. Auto Union. The famous hill climb at Schauinsland Mountain in Germany was held on August 1st, 1937 and brought upwards of 20,000 spectators who had their eye on the two top racing teams: Auto Union with Hans Stuck and Bernd Rosemeyer and Mercedes-Benz with Rudolf Caracciola, Manfred v. Brauchitsch and Hermann Lang. On this especially steep, winding, and treacherous track, engine power was not enough; superior handling with masterful cornering technique was absolutely essential. With all eyes on these notable contestants, Auto Union took the lead, Hans Stuck steering his Auto Union Type C #11 with twin-tire rear wheels to a sensational victory just one second ahead of his team-mate Bernd Rosemeyer.

The trophy-hungry CMC Auto Union Type C 1937 German Hillclimb, #111 Stuck is a model of extraordinary precision that celebrates Hans Stuck victory and Auto Union's overthrow of Mercedes-Benz dominance. Limited edition of 1,500.