For discerning precision and aesthetic purity.


The cockpit is fully furnished with an authentic representation of all the dials and controls.


It’s a meticulous imitation of the original supercharged production, revealing all the pipes and cabling.

CMC Models Auto Union Type C 1936 Nurburgring, #18 Rosemeyer


Fuel tank is centrally located to achieve greater balance. The cap lifts up for an imaginary fuel refill.


The wheels are individually assembled with textured grip for ultimate traction and spokes are crafted with fine steel wires and attached by hand.

Auto Union Type C Nurburgring #18 Rosemeyer

Scale 1:18 CMC Models

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Auto Union Type C 1936 Nurburgring, #18 Rosemeyer CMC 1:18


On June 14th, 1936 Bernd Rosemeyer competed for Auto Union in the famous 228 km (142 mile) Eifel race at Nürburgring, commanding a Type C with starting #18. Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, and Auto Union competed for the lead in this race, with Rosemeyer eventually becoming the clear front runner in the last third of the race. A heavy fog settled in and visibility less than 20 meters (22 yards). To everyone's amazement, Rosemeyer fearlessly kept going at full speed ahead relying on his route memory, and his unwavering competitive spirit to win, and that he did. What a legend! Bernd Rosemeyer is remembered in racing history as the “Fog Master.”

The trophy-hungry CMC 1936 Auto Union Type C, #18 is a model of extraordinary precision that celebrates Rosenmeyer's unbelievable audacity to persevere against all odds and Auto Union's succession to the championship, putting an end to Mercedes-Benz dominance. Limited edition of 1,500.