For discerning precision and aesthetic purity.


The cockpit is fully furnished with an authentic representation of all the dials and controls.


It’s a meticulous imitation of the original supercharged production, revealing all the pipes and cabling.

CMC Auto Union Type C 1936 #4 Limited Edition


Fuel tank is centrally located to achieve greater balance. The cap lifts up for an imaginary fuel refill.


The wheels are indiviudally assembled with textured grip for ultimate traction and spokes are crafted with fine steel wires and attached by hand.

Auto Union Type C, 1936 #4

Scale 1:18 CMC Models

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Auto Union Type C 1936 #4 Limited Edition CMC 1:18


Ferdinand Porsche's Auto Union Type C disrupted racing history like none had before. The avant-garde design placed the V-engine behind the driver and in front of the rear axle. The intention was to provide optimum torque at low speeds. This hardcore special with 520 hp was driven by the highly accomplished Bernd Rosemeyer. In 1936, Rosemeyer became European Champion and won a number of Grand Prix races making it his most successful year ever. With Rosemeyer at the wheel, the new ace of the Auto Union overshadowed their main competitor, Mercedes-Benz. Racing Star Bernd Rosemeyer broke new ground with his starting number 4 and won an impressive victory.

The CMC Auto Union Type C pays tribute to this prestigious win with their limited edition model with starting number 4.


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