$450 for a diecast car?!

That may be the first thought that comes to mind for anyone who is not familiar with our products. When you can go to the local toy store and buy a decent model car for $45, how can a price tag of ten times that amount be justified? It’s a good question, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we believe the prices on these diecast cars are warranted.

CMC diecast Ferrari engine details

It’s all in the details

This is the main reason why we love these cars so much and why they’re so sought after. They’re extremely well detailed, engineered with precision, and unparalleled in quality and elegance. The love and passion that has been invested in the making of these miniatures is nearly palatable. Not only are the cars hand assembled, but they are constructed from premium materials such as copper, Australian level 3 steel, and genuine leather. It’s not unusual for CMC Model Cars to be made with over 1,000 individual parts, sometimes even reaching close to 2,000 parts. The cars are the finest, most veritable replicas of the originals that we’ve ever seen. Compare this with the typical diecast car found in a toy store that uses somewhere between 50 and 100 parts.  It quickly becomes apparent that the high-end model cars we carry are not toys, but collectibles and works of art.

Maserati CMC Model Cars

Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage 1960 #5 by CMC Model Cars.
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Limited editions

More often than not, the diecast cars we sell at Racing Heroes are produced in small, finite quantities and once they are gone they are gone forever. High-end manufacturers such as CMC Model Cars are typically granted a license to create a limited number of cars. For example, we’d love to see CMC Model Cars produce more Ferrari miniatures, but unfortunately that would breach their license agreement with Ferrari.

Bugatti CMC diecast car

Love Bugatti?
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Supply and demand

It goes without saying, that since the cars are absolute gems and are only available in limited numbers, these model cars not only hold their value extremely well, but more often than not, their value increases within just a few years of being out of production. Consider one of our diecast model cars a worthwhile investment.

Just as with real cars out on the streets, diecast cars are not all the same. Just because a Porsche 911 is 10 times the price of a Toyota Corolla, does that make it ten times better? There’s not really an answer to this, as we all value things differently. All we can say is that for a number of reasons, the Porsche is much more special than the Toyota, and many of us car enthusiasts find it warrants the higher price tag. In the same way, the model cars we sell are not your average diecast car and so their prices won’t be your average model car price either.