CMC Diecast Cars

If you are dedicated to everything automotive and passionate about historical accuracy, unrivaled attention to detail, and timeless design then we are confident you will love CMC diecast cars. These rare gems are produced in limited quantities, and many of them sell out quickly and become well sought after on the second-hand market. It’s not unusual to see these discontinued diecast cars selling for double or more of what they retailed for when they were first produced. No other models hold a candle to CMC diecast cars in terms of the quality, functionality, complexity and meticulous precision.

These highly detailed models are hand assembled and frequently feature over 1,500 individual parts of premium materials including stainless steel, copper, textiles, and genuine leather. While the majority of the life of a CMC diecast car will likely be spent being admired on a shelf, they beckon hands to hold them and fingers to jockey handles, buckles and levers and explore every articulated detail. Considering the sculpted metal bodywork and the marvelous complexity, the models feel solid and substantial–a stark contrast to the common offerings of featherweight plastic and resin model cars made by other manufacturers. Indeed, to hold one of these CMC diecast cars in your hands is to feel the weight of something truly special.

CMC Maserati Diecast Car 1:18

Each CMC Diecast Car tells a story

Not only is the execution of model-building at a dizzying level of intricacy, each CMC diecast car is a perfect replica of the original automobile that challenged conventions, embodied technological advancement, and celebrated human determination, skill, passion, and courage. From the Maserati 250F driven by all-time racing greats  Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss to the seductive Bugatti 57 SC, Atlantic that represented the most avant-garde and futuristic design of the time, each miniature CMC diecast car becomes part of an all-star fleet of tributes to iconic and legendary automobiles and their daring drivers. These pint-sized models remind us of a time when auto design and performance were paramount, and subsequently, racing was dangerous, but those who raced did so because they relished the thrill and the risk. These CMC diecast cars bring to mind an era when automotive design was unhindered by rules and regulations and embodied the pure freedom of artistic expression, a lust for life, and an unfiltered, engaging sensation of becoming part of the machine while driving it.