Bugattis made by CMC Model Cars

We think you would agree when we say Bugatti is known for some of the finest, fastest, and most luxurious cars of all time. Ettore Bugatti established his eponymous automobile company in 1909, and his artistic eye and exceptional engineering quickly led the company to great successes –his cars were coveted by gentleman street drivers and won victories on the track in Grand Prix motor racing. When CMC Model Cars secured a licence with Bugatti a few years ago, we knew we were in for a treat!

If you were to buy just one diecast car from Racing Heroes, we recommend you take a look at the Bugattis made by CMC Model Cars. We recommend the Bugattis not only because they are incredibly beautiful–a feast for the eyes!–but because these special models will become increasingly rare as licensing deals are proving more challenging to renew for small manufacturers like CMC.

Here are our three favorite Bugattis that we suggest you check out:

Bugatti T35 England Green CMC Models

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Bugatti T35 England Green

Having won over 1,000 races (!), the Type 35 is the most successful racing car produced by Bugatti and the car upon which the Bugatti legend is built. Not only is it known for its outstanding performances but it was lithe, resolute, and notable for its iconic horseshoe arched radiator. During the 1920’s, each racing team would paint their cars in their national racing colors. England’s signature color code was dark green and the example we have here was driven to victory by William Grover-Williams at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1929.
Now let’s take a closer look at the model car. The body of the car is seemingly simple in shape yet incredibly complex. The panels are joined by fine stainless steel wire thread, and are absolute perfection with their 128 stamped louvers. The chrome radiator casing is glowing and brilliant in finishing. The cockpit is remarkable with its striking simulated wood rimmed steering wheel and hand wound thread binding, organized dashboard with legible gauges and wired magneto, and textured black leather seats. The wheels and suspension showcase the fascinatingly high level of detail–each wheel is composed of 35 parts and 24 individual screws. The engine bay looks just like the original in shape, content, and finishes. Like all CMC model cars this model is extraordinary in its faithful replication of the original.

Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic black

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Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Black

Considered one of the most bizarre, alluring, and expensive cars of all time, the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic is truly a tour de force of automotive engineering and sculptural elegance. No other car was comparable. The Atlantic is a perfect blend of beauty and form in its aerodynamic design.  It was stunning to behold and powerful in its performance. Reaching top speeds of 123 mph, this car was considered the fastest roadcar in the world in 1937. This example we have in our store is a perfectly made replica in scale 1:18 of the real 57SC Atlantic owned by Ralph Lauren. The CMC model captures all the details and more that we love about this fascinating sports car, such as its distinctive riveted seams and teardrop shape, its finely recreated cockpit with comprehensive dashboard, leather seats, functional suicide doors, and its highly detailed 8-cylinder engine including all aggregates and cabling. What a stunning, arduous piece of art on wheels!

Bugatti Corsica 57SC CMC Model Cars

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Bugatti 57SC Corsica

Bugatti has always been a brand for those who want the best performance along with the most beautiful and the most unique design. Bugatti breathes quality, innovation, and success.  And the Bugatti 57 SC Corsica will not let you down. Since it was first produced in 1938, this bespoke automobile impresses with its dazzling coachwork, shapely figure, and dramatic flowing lines. To no one’s surprise, in 1998 it won the Pebble Beach Car of the Show award with its magnetic and awe inspiring presence. This hand assembled replica by CMC Model Cars in scale 1:18 is a stunning resemblance to the original with its flawless precision and captivating panache. The silky dark blue paint, matte silver trim, and spectacular crocodile simulated leather cockpit is nothing short of amazing. With a limited edition of 3,000 units worldwide, you will be sure to see its value go up in a few years time.

You can’t go wrong with any CMC Bugatti, whether it’s in 1:1 or 1:18 scale. They are true gems, and will make a discerning keepsake for any Bugatti fan or diecast car enthusiast. Don’t miss out on selecting yours before they are gone for good. See all of our current Bugattis in stock here.