Our Philosophy

To unite people through a shared love of cars and to delight our customers with exceptional service and extraordinary products that champion a bespoke heritage and a present-day engagement.

Our Vision

We started RACING HEROES because we believe that the automobile is one thing we all have in common. To some, it’s simply a mode of transportation, but to us it’s a passion. Automobiles manifest style and epitomize innovation and design. They inspire trend and culture, kindle dream and fantasy, and foster nostalgia for unforgettable stories on the racetrack and on the street. They’ve won awards, accolades, and championships; they’ve received global admiration. These cars are our heroes. They make us into heroes.

We are a family owned business based in Santa Barbara, California. We are passionate about craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and remarkable service. This is what we believe in and what we deliver.

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These models are incomparable with anything else on the market place.

– BlessThisStuff

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